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26 October
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The circus
The tents are being folded up

The circus has had its last show

The zoos are all full
and this lion has no place to go

He sits in his cage all alone
remembering the days of the past

The times when the clowns made everyone laugh
or the man in the hat explained all the wonders to behold

As slowly she approaches the tamer of lions
loading a gun

She carefully takes aim trying to cause as little pain for the lion she has known for so long

Yet little does she see that this lions life was no more the second he knew the circus was done.

Slowly she turns walking away weeping for what she has done.

The last sight he sees his her back as it heaves as his vision fades slowly away.

The poor lion he thinks to himself that the bullet did hurt but look in her eyes as she realized her mistake one second to late is the most pain full of all.