What lies beyond the doors...

Passing through a set off double doors into a different world. A world of beauty and beyond imagination an invisible wall of protection holding back a lethal force. Look through the glass and see the wonder of a world brought from beneath the majestic sea. So many people can lose them self in the moment of awe looking at the crash on the surface. I lost myself in a moment of wonder walking down a hall under the sea. Your hand in mine a smile on your face a look of amazement and innocent joy. You point you gasp making sure I can enjoy every pleasure that comes into your view. You look through the window at the beauty of the fish brushing by unaware of the look of wonder your beauty holds for me. They say each second is a new experience for a fish who can not remember beyond the last. I look in your eyes the color of the water that surrounds us. If I could be a fish if even for a day your eyes would be the bowl I would want to experience anew every moment of the day. A world filled with wonder through a set of double doors luckily for me my world of wonder holds me close as we walk though them out into the light.

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I run to you for comfort when you walk in the door
I am afraid to let go of your hand when we walk down the street
I trip and look at you in fear hoping you will help me up
You help me up and brush me off with gentle hands
They’re for me in my time of need to wipe away my tears

Later we go home to eat my favorite dish
You ask me gently and oh so nicely to clear away the grime
A smash a crash a scream of fright
My eyes meet yours waiting for the moment
You laugh and smile and help me find the pieces

Story time sweet story time my world among the clouds
I zoom, I honk, I shake hands with Dr Seuss
My eyes slowly close as I fight against the weight
I know what comes in the middle of the night
The closet door is closed my night-light shining bright
None of this a shield against what comes in the middle of the night

A bang a shout I know I have lost the fight
Somewhere some how my eyes had lost there sight
The world among the clouds vanishes from my thoughts
A world of thunder clouds and lightning

Quick think fast what can I do, where can I go?
Thought ends with a crack no room to think no time to run
Standing in the door the thing that comes in the night
What does he know?
The dish, my Pants?
Does it really matter in the end the creature never cares

Why oh why I ask myself am I so bad
Why can the hand that starts to reach for me be not a fist to strike?
The person I once looked up and smiled when I saw
His name upon my lips my great and glorious DAD

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Paint the sky in pale pink and gray-blue
Paint houses and trees on the far shore
And a few seagulls off to the left
Playing tag with the waves
Paint two people standing on the rocks
Their arms around each other, talking
The wind is tugging at them
And water and foam is beating the stones they stand on
Then paint happiness in their eyes
Red fingertips, ears, nose and toe
Paint a seaweed scuff on her jeans
And his easy and sturdy stance
Paint her head on his shoulder
As they laugh and stare
Not caring about the past or present
Paint them smiling, in spite of the real world
Dreaming of just today

Fly free....

The silence no longer seems to echo through the room. I am no longer a victim of the unwilling bonds that seemed to hold my wings within. Soaring through the clouds slowly towards a destination I have yet to see. A destination that holds the wind that lifts me and the air that fills my lungs. I have fought through lightning and blizzard to reach this point. Sometimes I have been my own worst enemy in a fight I thought was futile. Only each time I have been about to fold my wings and let it end I have caught a sparkle of hope. A parting of the clouds leaking forth a glimmer of the light I had forgotten still existed. You are the light that I close my eyes and still see.

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razzberee keeps a hamster for nefarious purposes!
electricsoup once kept bombquita locked up in their basement for eight months.
meenk has the last piece of Aztec gold.
janie got elentaari drunk and naked, and took photos. janieee downloaded them.
janie, wndrwendy7 and bombquita are involved in a sordid love-triangle, with emilymarie totally unaware!
rachel has secret fantasies about George W. Bush...

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A lost night

In a noisy crowded room I can hear the silence. Bouncing off the the walls in an endless echo of a fruitless search. Lights dance across the floor tumbling and turning. A surface that holds no face that brings me joy. Empty words move in tune to a dance I can't find the beat to. What class did others take to do it with such ease? Call it by a simple name that has no definition in my dictionary. What is this foreign word known as human interaction?