Satan (silence26) wrote,

Love of art, Art of love

The art of love practiced by all perfected by none. A Painter will use a hundred canvases to capture one single moment. A writer will dance with words across a page simply to relive a feeling. The art of love can reinvent every word ever spoken and those yet to come. When I was younger I used to be so jealous of my siblings. One could sing to make the birds hush around her to listen. The other hand and brush could make the beauty of a sunset humble in comparison. I would wonder to myself where is the part of me that can help create such a work of wonder.

Have you ever walked down a city street lined with galleries? Each window a glimpse into a world of wonder and magic splashed upon canvas and hung on a wall. To me as I grow older the wonder is no long on the other side of the window but walking on the sidewalk around me. Have you ever seen that couple walking by pointing out to each other all they pass making sure the other sees. How about the couple we pass at the sidewalk café leaning close and creating a world meant for two.

When I was younger I used to hope and pray for the ability to create such wonder. Then wonder walked into my life captured in a smile and a glimmer in an eye. The way she bites her lip in certain moments or the way she ducks her head and covers her face with her hands at others. She holds within her heart a gift I never thought to see. With every moment spent she helps me to create the art I was born to make. An art I hope to take a lifetime to complete the art of “We”.
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