Satan (silence26) wrote,

Some people believe you are born the person you will be. Some think we are made up of choices in the road of life. I think we are made up of people whose path we cross. Some people touch our lives with out even knowing it. What to them is a simple word or a meaningless gesture stays with us. Those are the people that we are lucky enough to encounter that make us laugh and smile like tomorrow hold no worries. When I close my eyes and think of you I hear the birds welcome the first rising of the sun on a newly awaken spring. I walk through the trees holding a hand that now has a face into a field feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Closing my eyes I feel warmth stronger then the sun and it comes from my thoughts of you and the smile they bring to my face. You are one of those people that without knowing or trying affect a person's life. Make them look in the mirror and see if this is the person they want you to see. You are to put it simply a person worth making sure the person they see is someone you can be proud to be. Thank you for simply being who you are and as special as that is.
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