Satan (silence26) wrote,

Each of us a simple thread in the greatest tapestry ever to be made.
Each thread winding and bending this way and that never knowing where it will turn next
Who knows when one path will cross another?
Will it be once or twice or one made stronger by the joinging of the two
There is a thread my wanders have made me lucky enough to cross
I can recall the tilt of her head when she listened to a story
The crooked smile that she had when she thought something was amusing
I sadly can even recall the outfit she wore when first our paths did cross
Can the thread control the weave of the tapestry or is the design already brought before us
Is there a way to pull lose and find that missing stitch
Slowly the tapestry grows longer and the distance apart grows further
Where is the turn that will allow the beauty of this great work to come from me
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