Satan (silence26) wrote,

Oh so bright it sits there looking down upon me
Does it laugh at what it sees or simply shakes its head in wonder?
Would, if I could understand it, share with me some beauty of the past
How many has it seen lost to there own folly?
Great deeds that others cheered but lost in a short time from the memory of man
Works of art and wonder that made the cheering crowd go silent with awe
Why is it that just like it what man seems to strive for is simply out of reach?
Can anyone one answer simply make him smile?
Why is it that we look up for the answers and not down into the pool at our feet?
Gaze deep, stare hard and you might just catch a glimpse
A glimpse of what you ask?
Why the person that will always have whatever answer you require
Look closely and you will see that person is someone you have known for a longtime
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